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Life Insurance

The Security Your Family Deserves

Shannon Enders

Life Insurance Specialist

Do you have family or other loved ones who depend on your paycheck? Maybe you have a spouse at home watching young children? Your spouse may not be earning a paycheck, but what if something happened to them? Would you need to take time off of work to take care of your kids or maybe even hire help?

These questions can be difficult to ask ourselves, but they are so important when considering how to best protect the ones we love. Most financial experts suggest you have 5-10 times your annual earnings in life insurance. Having a policy in place can give you the peace of mind knowing your family has the long-term financial security they deserve.

At Lakeshore, we offer policies from serval A+ rated national carriers. Term life rates have never been lower and most everyone is eligible for coverage. Contact Shannon today or complete the form below to get started! | (231) 798-0071


Check out our instant Life Insurance quoting & enrolling tool and get covered today!

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